Indira Nooyi’s new Chennai home

Indra Nooyi was has been in lot of news recently after she took over as Chairman and CEO of Pepsico. But it come as a surprise to me when she shelled out around 7 crores to book a 4000 sq ft apartment in Chennai’s hottest residential area POES GARDEN. I was bit eager to know if she is from Chennai.

KGEYES, Vijayashanthi and few other builders started the trend of building super luxury apartments which has only one apartment per floor. KGEYES’s poes garden apartment has a total of 4 apartments on 4.5 grounds. It roughly works out to be around Rs 16000 per sq ft.

I guess all 4 apartment would sell out soon as there are lot of people who might want to be a neighbour to PEPSICO top lady.


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  1. Satheesh

    You bet! She was born and raised in Chennai, but, I am really pleased that she still needs a home in Chennai, though she could afford a ranch in US. For further information:

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