Hirco’s Palace Garden’s new website

Did you take a look at the new website of Hirco Palace gardens . The site has being well updated with images of what is in store for us down the line. I am still not sure what is the current out come of the legal hinderance it faced with respect to the land problems.

But looks like now they are going ahead with the contruction. The sample Apartment shown in Flash is marvellous. Click here . It would be interesting to see how things are shaping up. My previous article on Palace garden evoked a lot of criticism. I was just trying to caution people and personally i liked Hiranandani contructions a lot.


  1. Arun

    Plz do not get fooled by the sample apartment. The customization will add to 15% of the actual cost.

  2. Hirco Palace gardens look pretty grand and spacious. Just have to wait and see if it turns out the way it is in the renderings.

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