First Anniversary – Thanks Readers

On this joyous occasion of completing one year,i would like to personally thank all readers without whom this blog would not have grown so much.I sincerely hope, this blog was of some use to you and would continue to do so.

Even though i find blogging difficult a lot of times, i still managed to stay on and completing one year has given me more confidence to continue blogging. I was not successful in attracting new authors even though i am in look out for authors who can contribute articles.

Future plans include more blogging, updating pictures and real time videos of contruction activities in and around chennai.I am working on this and hope i get regular picture updates from my sources to publish it here.

2008 has so far being a dull year with markets and RE falling world over. India has not being impacted much but the depression are definately visible in certain areas. I hope things change and RE continues to grown steady instead of rapidly so that it is affordable and beneficial to one and all.

As i always say never try to time the market, be it RE or Stocks. You never know how it would go. Take calculated risk, remain positive and you should see light at the end of tunnel.

Thanks Again and keep visiting this site :)


  1. Prem Kumar


    Congratulations and thanks for your stupendous effort. I am sure your blog has been helpful to lot of people be it regarding Real Estate or your pointers regarding the sites like etc.

    I’ve personally benefitted through your blog which helped me to in getting touch with Mr. RK regarding Land Marvel for my flat ( heard from my folks back home that the construction has been going on at a brisk pace).

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks prem and nice to hear things are going fine

  3. Congratulations Uday. Our heartly wishes to You and your team.


  4. Swetha

    Great Job, Uday. Appreciate your efforts and also effort to unite people for a good cause

  5. Dear Uday,
    My hearty congratulations. It is a tremendous effort to understand the goings-on in the real estate market and provide lead threads for people to freely comment.I think you have set the foundations for a great blog. May many high rise towers develop on it!


  6. Thanks Suresh and appreciate your visit to this blog. Hope things are going fine with respect to la celeste.

  7. Dear Uday,

    Thank you for your message. La Celeste apartments are selling steadily. (They could be better but given the market sentiments I have nothing to complain of!)

    We have got CMDA approvals for the entire ten acres and construction activities are in full swing.

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