EGRET PARK – Thoraipakkam 1.5 Crore+ !!!

I was just looking for some apartments near thoraipakkam and came across Egret Park. Well i did not hear about this project before but what caught my attention was the price tag. YES a starting price of 1.5 crore in OMR would catch any one’s attention. One thing i was eager to find was the location of this project. Well it was right next to TVH Park Rozalia . Behind ETL SEZ.


Egret park looks attractive with Grand Enterance, Pool, Gym ,Club house, Play area , Temple inside ,Tennis court, Party Hall etc. But one thing which i feel would reduce its attraction is the location. It is located behind ETL SEZ but garbage burning continous to pose problems to residential areas in and around the SEZ. Not sure on the construction as this project is by Sree Foundation. I haven’t heard much about them.


Impressive in the first look, but the starting price of 1.5 Crore is exclusive of Registration and Service Tax. Even i have invested in this area but not a huge investment as this but would love to have a big neighbour as this. I would be closely watching this project just to know who is investing in such huge project.



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  1. These condos do look impressive. Since you’ve done some good research in that area, do you have any recommendations for rental in Thoraipakkam/Perungudi areas?

  2. uday

    Regarding your comments on rental in thoraipakkam. It is currently at around 7k / month for 2 bed in thoriapakkam and perungudi. Are you looking to rent or looking for one?

  3. I wanted to find this for a relative of mine. Looks like they settled for one in Thiruvanmiyur. Anyways, thanks Uday for the information.

  4. Cougar

    Ya, I happened to visit this site personally. Its well organized but the approach road is pretty pathetic. The major drawbacks in the current world are, garbage burning around the area that would not be taken care for another few years since they are acres around and the stink is horrible that you feel like puking. The area is swarmped with flies and mosquitoes. The areas is low lying and it was flooded throughout during heavy rains a year back. The amenites like common land share, TVH park and community around, swimming pool tennis court are all great but not worth for 1.5 C minimum as of now. Also the Phase 1 was completed 1.5 years back and the same condo was sold in the range of 40 lacs to 70 lacs when all land was aquired and now its double. Also I am not too impressed with the quality of finish, comparing XS real and all state of art builders, I would consider the exterior and interior at egret park as a work in haste and no care. They have marbels and teak but workmanship is almost @##$. that too for a 1.5C. Anyon who believes and loves class have to take a closer look at this and I dont find a development for a stabilized lifestyle in this area anywhere more than 2 years min from now.

  5. sharol

    Hi, I lived for a total of 4 months in thoriapakkam in TVH Park Villa before the unbearable stench and smoke from the garbage burning drove me away. Before considering buying or renting property in that area please Google for move information on the serious health risks the garbage burning poses. There is plenty to scare the living day lights out of you!

  6. sri

    HI ,Can anyone please review Dev apartments (Prem Residential) in Okkiyam Thoraipakkam . They are quoting 3500 /sqft. Since I will come to Chennai on a very short visit I would appreciate any feedback on this project before I contact them

  7. sundar

    I have booked in dev apartment. looks to be value for is at walkable distance from omr…

  8. KSV


    Could you please post the location info and number of houses built in this community.


  9. Saj

    Hi, Do anybody have a feedback on the Independant homes project of Dev apartments in Thoraipakkam? Thanks in advance for the information

  10. sundar

    I have booked one bungalow. It is at walking distacne from OMR – CTS, Thoraipakkam. It is gated community with 13 bungalows. there are no extra amenitites. till now, construction progress is gud. i feel it is value for money..

  11. sri

    Sundar , can you please tell me what you paid (just the per sq ft number) Will help me a long way in gaining information. Like i said earlier they are asking 3.5k / sqft

  12. Karthik

    Hello friends!!

    IS IT SAFE TO BUY A FLAT IN TVH PARK ROZALIA? I heard about the Air and Water CONTAMINATION PROBLEMS in the area due to the Waste Disposal Yard. Please Advise whether it is safe to buy a flat and reside there or not.. KINDLY REPLY PLS..

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