Downtown OMR – Next Noida ?

I was amazed when i found the number of developments happening in this one area in chennai. Ofcourse most of the developments are in the form of IT parks, SEZ,Malls, Housing Projects and not much of industries. But its really nice to note that chennai is really widening instead of city getting bursted.

OMR would have a total of around 30 IT Parks in the next 2 years and there are around 6000 Apartments which are being constructed in the OMR alone to cope up with the demand. Only drawback being not much skyscrappers. The tallest building at present being Hiranandani upscale which is G+28 but that to I heard is not fully approved.

  • Suryavardhan Mall in Navalur (Coromandel Plaza) OMR – Medium size
  • Hiranandhani Upscale Front side – OMR
  • XXL Mall
  • Whats your say, IT corridor is well planned but poorly executed. Will it be attractive like Noida in another 3 years?
    Some of the building i like here.







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    1. Great pictures Uday. However, I doubt that these will look like the amazing renders after construction. These renders often show lot of open space and landscaping around the actual building. Most of these end up with a frontage directly on the road with no sort of open space around. I really hope that these buildings turn out the way they are pictured. Also, I wonder if the infrastructure around OMR is that great. Maybe the actual OMR is good, but what about all the areas around? Doesn’t seem like too much of a planned development. Noida in contrary seems like a very planned development. Just my thoughts !!

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