Doshi Nakshatra -1 Starting 35 Lakhs Rs .2995 per sq ft


  1. looking good at this price, but as the whole industry is down not sure how the potential consumer responds!

  2. H.Srinivasan


    I have booked a flat in Doshi Nakshatra-I in Tambaram. Wish to get connected to the other owners of the project.

  3. selva

    hi srinivasan

    i have booked in nak-2 in tambaram.. where are you from?

  4. Sangeetha R

    Hi People

    Am looking for any resale appartments from Doshi Nakshatra.
    Please do drop a mail in case any one is willing for a resale.


  5. concentriccircle

    Hello, I am also looking for re-sale flats in Doshi Nakshatra. They have closed booking currently. Does anyone know why?

  6. Dicosa

    I heard that there is a land issiue, long time back it seems that TNHB placed a board before the flats, claiming it to be its property and move over the construciton is still going on and not yet completed. Not sure there must be some dispute with the land.

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