Does ICICI reduce interest rates this fast ?

Busy with work, i did not realize the interest rate hikes done recently by most of the indian banks.

I just checked my home loan for rate hikes and was surprised to see rates touching 13%. Its no secret ICICI does not reduce rates at this pace.



  1. Vijay

    Not only ICICI, HDFC is also in the same league.
    However, HDFC provides the option to increase the spread by paying about 0.5% of the outstanding principle + ST


  2. Shobana


    Your blog seems to be very interesting. Iam living in USA and want to invest in apartments in Chennai.

    I have an eye for a propery in Selvam Nagar,Pallikaranai. Can you please let me know if this place would be ideal for an investment. Iam basically planning for renting out this property.

    Appreciate your response.


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