DLF Garden City Chennai – Key Layout and Route Map

Jus got this Key layout and route map of DLF chennai project. Looks massive. The entire project when completed would be one hell of a project. So many structures makes me really worry about things like privacy, rental growth, area appreciation, maintenance,Security problems,water problems. I know these things are common in cities like Mumbai but such massive projects are quite new to Chennai.

I would request folks to talk to some of the occupants of Arihant Majestic towers -Koyembedu, Cee Dee Yes -velachery to know what are the problems staying in such huge complex’s.Need less to say, the project once completed would look great.

DLF Garden City keyplan route.pdf



  1. Barani

    can anyone help me to know if its really worth getting a flat in this location..

    Your comments are really valuable to me.

    Thanks in Advance..

  2. Reform

    It is upto you to decide. The guys who are buying are seeing the value/worthiness and buying.

    Obviously there is a other group which says it is not worth.

    Do your study in pros & cons, if have specific queries, write in this forum

  3. Hi,

    This blog has been of great use to me to keep me updated on the developments. Well done and please do keep me in the loop!


  4. Thanks Vivek, Appreciate it.

  5. Raji Ganesh

    Any updated information on the DLF Garden City project, pros and cons will be appreciated. I am looking into booking a flat with this company. Thanks.

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