DLF effect on this blog, Brochures, Google Location map semmancheri

This blog had a more inflow than usual when i had put an article on DLF. With lots of unknown and people longing to get more info, the three words DLF Garden City was one of the most searched terms in google. The average user page visits in this blog has touched around 800 last weekend.

I understand it might be because of the curiosity generated by this project. Only time will tell if every body made a good decision or a mistake.


I also got some brochures and map indicating the exact place where the project might be located. Please have a look at the prior to deciding



  1. S Kumar

    Dear Friends,

    I was also keen to learn about this project, but wondering if this project is actually from the real estate giant DLF (please check from their official website). This seems promoted by a private company. Can anyone verify and help clarifying?

  2. Kumar,

    this project is 100% by DLF. Check their website after Jan 25. the approval is in final stages.

  3. Sundar

    Ur right abt DLF, if you search DLF on google,chennaimetroblogs.com were also there on top 3 search list.

    This site is really active and informative abt real-estate in chennai.

    keep it up !!!

  4. Raja

    The location does not seem very good as I saw the site.


    DLF is selling flats in their proposed OMR Project. There is no official launch of this project. It was announced in Media few montths back that they will offer @ Rs 2700 per sq ft. Now they say that their offer @ 2800 under PHase I is closed. Only second phase is available @ 3000 . When I enquired from DLF Delhi/Chennai Office some say is 1/2 kms and some say is 2 Kms from the main road. I visited the site is is more than 3 kms from Indian oil petrol Pump through a narrow road . Further the last 1Km + is through The Tsunami Resettlement colony which is like a slum which every Chennaite is aware. The company of such repute selling flats without official brochure, actual loction of the site , clearly informing that the approach road is through Tsunami resttlement colony is unfair. With great difficulty, I still located the site which is in two parts on either side of the road submerged in water and no Display board, not even a small office is site of a Project where more tahn Rs 2000 crores are to be spent , for the information of the investors in Property, Rs 3000 per sq ft is not cheap for the water submerged low lying area and more than 3 kms inside the main road besides a scenic view of the Tsunami Resttlement Colony. I would suggest Investors going 4/ 5 kms further on the Main OMR and opt for Better Projects like Hiranandani/Mantri/Akshaya pay 500-600 per sq ft more and have a good 360 degree view from their flats.DLF is a big company . They have excellent Projects in GURGAON , Unfortunately they have chosen a wrong Place in Chennai to Woo Investors by offering them apartments in a far off place far outside the main OMR Road.Investors may rethink and confirm their bookings after a visit to the site and see whether they have a value for the money.iF the company si so confident about the site, They must take investors to the site , make official launch, give full facts . Investors, beware, Looking for Brand is Good sometimes.NOt always . I give 10/ 10 to their Project In Gurgaon. But only 3/ 10 for this Project adjacen to TSUNAMI RESTTLEMENT COLONY

  6. Pras

    I do not understand the paranoia about the Tsunami Resettlement colony (TRC). I have been to the site through TRC which actually has a very good layout, throughfare roads, park even few Tata Qualis and Santros parked here and there for whatever may be the reason. TRC roads are wider than most velachery roads. In the coming years, current crowd itself will be replaced with better incomed ( they themselves become better incomed due to property boom and mushrooming of services around) folks. Economics will take over the area.

    DLF is promising widening of connection road from current 30 ft to 60ft. May be they have the muscle to do so, may be not.

    Last but not the least, when DLF launched Gurgaon projects, junta said the same things and look who finally has the last laugh.


    My first observation on entering the approach Road through Tsunami Resettlement colony is that I found many people squatting outside their homes, perhaps becos the area of the allotted flat about 100- 150 sq ft and may be on an average of 5-6 members in the family. Even adult male members who otherwise are supposed to be bread winners and be out to work were seen loitering in groups , and even sleeping along side the roag in the daylight around noon time. you could also see chicken, pigs , goats that are being reared by the locals.when you spend so much money, why not have a claen approach road . Look at Gurgaon, yes I appreciate it is very good and taht is the reason I gave 10/10 for DLF gurgaon. In fact I was staying in South Extension Delhi which was a original DLF Colony. What I am also trying to make is that DLf Is a Very very Big Company and his position in the Corporate world is very well known.He is not an ordinary Builder but a Gaint among the BUILDERS. Hats off to Mr.k.p.singh.I Feel that DLF Reputation will be affected adversly having chosen a wrong site for such a huge Project. Look at the locations of Hiranandani / Akshaya/ mahindra /L&T Estancia etc they are on the main Road , you may not have to view Resettlement colonies, juggi /jhopdi etc .Most of these flats coming up on OMR road with Gated compound , with school, clubs,park, gym etc are of Premium grade, and people buying these are willing to travel a distance away from the city only to ensure that everything is nice not only inside the compond, but also a good , clean, healthy neighbourhood outside. The Dlf Project will be like an Island where you can see all the open fields submerged in water even after the rains over a month back . The water will remain for several months before on set of the next monsoon.To sum it up the offer is not cheap as DLF mentioned once “DLF FLATS @ 2700 PER SQ FTAND DECLARING THE WAR ON PRICE” .fORGET THE pRICE, lOCATION IS UNDOUTEDLY BAD.

  8. Balbir Singh

    I took a trip to see the physical location of the DLF site.
    I was very much disappointed with the approach road and the slums through which you have to go to get to that site.
    What concerns me is the following.
    1. We live today in a buyer dominated society. How do we still support a big financial commitment to the tune of 45Lakhs plus with out knowing the location, flat plans, lay out of the units, CMDA approval etc.
    2. The modus operandi seems to be to put some plan in the news paper, get the crowds excited, collect the money from the public, sit on it and use the level of interest, to determine if it is viable or not and then start the project. Bear in mind that we all sadly still suck up to it and let these businesses build a business empire off of our money as their working capital and make huge profits.
    These guys get away with it because they are big name brand companies. I have no qualms about DLF. Yes they are reputed but at the same time why we as investing public don’t demand all the details upfront. Is it because the flats are scarce and we will be left w/out a place to live. Come on guys and gals, let us start becoming intelligent buyers and demand that business be conducted the way it should be and not the way they want it.
    Remember its our hard earned money. Unless we demand we can never make them change.
    I am disappointed that we worked hard put India on the top of the world map, but we haven’t learned to demand for the things that you pay for in our own home country.
    As far as I am concerned, I will not put my single penny into any investment until I see full details of the project and a clear picture of the entire plan.
    I can appreciate the sentiments expressed by Mr. Rajan in the prior postings.
    Let us the buying public set the way how business should be done and not how it should be forced on us.
    On the whole I am disappointed about this project for the following reasons.
    No Plan details, No location specifics, next to TRC settlement, and the arrogant way these businesses are allowed to operate.
    Finally, I wish that there are some real estate laws that will be enacted that will ensure that all details be made available prior to making an offer to public.
    Balbir Singh

  9. David

    I appreciate the comment made by Balbir.

  10. chennaiite

    go for raj paris medavakkam. reputed long time chennai builder.



    I am planning to buy vasavi builders ongoing project magilam in jaminpalavaram.Anybody have idea about this builder & location please share with me.

    Thanks & regards

  12. Raghu

    Dear Mr.Rajan,

    What is your opinion about Palace gardens Chennai?

  13. Ram

    Rather going for Zaminpalavaram, It is adivisable to go for OMR. OMR 40 km strech has good scope in the near future.

    No issues with the builder.

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