Dealing with HSBC

I have heard a lot in the past about HSBC bank being the worst in customer service. Just saw this message about how International banks like HSBC, Stan Chart are looting people. I had a decent experience with ICICI even though i would say they are not always fair enough.

Just check this comment and if possible avoid MNC banks and try to work out with our own LIC,HDFC or ICICI banks. These are safe to bank with. Also verify that all the documents are in order. This can happen to any one.

Look before you leap.

Here goes the comment.

These mutli- million dollar banks are the biggest frauds , especially HSBC. Banks are in league with builders hence the rates of Houses are inflated and housing is getting beyond our reach.

I have already complained to RBI about HSBC as to how they released my entire loan amount to the builder in my absence from town withoutmy knowledge . But RBI has not responded . Today the builder is absconding without completing the project.

When I wanted a loan the builder forced me to go to HSBC . HSBC proudly said that he was an HSBC approved builder and project. They did not even verify papers pertaining to the property carefully and today they are hounding me for the share certificate of the flat. Tommorow I can expect the Municipal Corporation to order demolition of my flat saying that it is illegal.

I have now sent HSBC a notice and will be suing them soon.


  1. Well, it’s kind of tough to trust anyone I think. ICICI is no less when it comes to service. I had an ICICI account and I had a very bad experience with them. Finally, I’m out of ICICI now. It is better to deal with local banks where you have a personal realtionship with the staff there. Atleast they are honest in their opinion and give the right advice when it comes to investments.

  2. Padmanaban

    SBI Credit cards are the worst if you ask me. Two months ago they sent me a Demand draft for a pre approved loan amount of 27,000 which I never asked for.

    I sent back the DD to them by registered post after filing the necessary documents.

    After one month they started harassing me asking me to repay the amount. I told them that I sent the DD back they say that they never received.

    They are the worst bank after citibank I think

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