Current Chennai’s Residential Rental Rates – Looks Crazy


  1. Viji

    Hi Uday, I will be renting our my new apartment in L.B. Road soon. Was thinking about the rent range. My friend recently returned from London and got a house for rent in Besant Nagar. Going by his personal experience the range quoted in your post does look real. Can you share with us the source of this info. Thanks.

  2. uday

    Hi viji,

    Ya i know the current rate. i just said its crazy but i personally know its the true prices.

    But not all apartments fetch the same price. it depends on the builder, amenities, age of apartment , location, furnishing details which drives the rent.

    The sources is times of india chennai edition, I think date is May 15 or May 16 paper. you can look for previous day edition

    My personal gut rate there is 15-18k for 2 BHK and 22-35k PM for 3 BHK. super luxury flats can even fetch 50 k PMrent. in the range of 2000+ sq ft house.

    Make sure you read my TDS explanation post. good luck

  3. Suresh

    This is a note to the Admin of this site.
    I noticed that the blogs regarding Land Marvel Builders have been removed or not to be seen.
    Have they been removed because of any particular reason.
    Just wondering.

  4. paddy

    i am building a new dupulux house in nanganallur with all amenties like car parking and with beautiful garden in 1200sqft land near station. How much i can expect as rent?

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