Crazy T Nagar

I always fail to understand why people are crazy about shopping in T-Nagar. I always hate shopping there for the simple reason that its crowded. We all would have gone to T-Nagar either with parents or spouse and would have had a difficult time finding a parking spot and even if you find one there is a always a fear of theft.

I believe it is the ladies who find T-Nagar shopping interesting. I pity those men who are forced to accompany them. Add to it each saree purchase takes a minimum of 2-3 hours. :)


I go to T-Nagar only for jewelry purchase and avoid going there for any other shopping. I feel it is always a risk going there during festival season because there is a increased number of theft, pick-pocketing during these times and always there is some set of youths who only come to play mischief.

I try my max to avoid go there during festival seasons. I rather go to puraishawalkam than T-Nagar. Lack of infrastructure is one of the main reasons for the crowd. The main junction desperately requires a flyover which would allow traffic to flow smoothly to kodambakkam and mambalam. Some times wonder if all the business men who mint millions of rupees, can pitch to make this possible.




  1. GPriya

    Hey Uday,

    I saw your aticle on TNagar. Well, everything you mentioned is true. But our businessmen mints millions NOT to pay to improve the facilities for public, BUT to pay for the politicians and Gundas to be in the business and to run the business smoothly. I believe the flyover construction in front of Pothys would help relieve the conjestion a bit, but it is mainly the outstation crowd due to shops like Saravana stores sell things cheap for the villagers budget. Cosmo crowd has better shops these days, even for jewellery, Mylapore is becoming famous.

  2. Pras

    Its time Govt moves T-Nagar lock,stock and barrel out of chennai main city to some place next to Mayajaall or so where all the shopping mad crowd can jamm in the mega mega mall. It will decongest not only T-Nagar but mount road as well.

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