Completed one crazy week in chennai.Traffic Nightmare

A week after coming here, i just felt Chennai would soon become another bangalore in traffic. Traffic has almost doubled since last year and drving has become a nightmare. Car traffic has increased tremendously and i had a tough time driving in peak time.

I was very comfortable driving my OMNI here in chennai last year , but having driven in US for the past one year i too started complaining like a traditional American return desi grumbling about roads, traffic, dust etc etc. I felt it is not easy for one to go to office which is far from home and the best thing for one is to buy a home near office so that he can save himself from the pain of traveling in chennai roads.

Flyovers would not get completed before 2009 and the worst affected areas are Porur, Kathipara, Adyar, OMR. Driving in OMR is one hell of experience and i felt it is one area where driving would be a night mare in another 2 years. I have taken a lot of photos but could not upload because of slow internet connection. Even though BSNL is promising 2 MBPS connection, i am still experience speeds of 126 KBPS :(. Will be back to US by Dec 2nd and would start uploading then.

A lot of construction happening in Ambattur, padi, Vadapalani etc. Will write about it soon with photos on OMR.


  1. Sometimes, I get the feeling that Chennai shouldn’t have had so many new companies in a short period of time, with a compromise on infrastructure. Lot of roads which used to be very charming and nice to walk have become really bad.

  2. Jeyakar

    Your articles are too good to read … Keep posting new photos of projects happening at chennai

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