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I always wished I could know prior about a traffic jam so that i can avoid that road. I wished Chennai Traffic police did something like this, which would reduce the travel time drastically. Wouldn’t it be great if we know there is a traffic jam at Tidel Park and we can avoid that by going via Velachery main road.

Recently came across , which was recently launched by SIFY. This site gives live traffic video of 4 jam prone areas in Chennai. They cover Kathipara, Kilpauk, Thiruvanmiyur, Kodambakkam. This is a good gesture on part of Sify. Instead of make the site fully commercial; they are adding such useful information.

I checked the video and it seems they have setup a camera, which just captures video from a single angle. We can’t come to much conclusion on whether the traffic is for the entire stretch or only at the junction.

It would be great if they give information like wait time to cross a particular road, If we can take diversion to avoid traffic. Such information would be great for every day commuters who would be well equipped to handle traffic delays. I had experienced being caught in bad traffic for 3 hours and i know how much pain it is. Traffic is worst when it rains heavily with water stagnation.

I feel bad that our politicians have money for starting Mega TV, Kalignar TV, Vasanth TV and so on, but no body ever thinks of at least starting a Traffic channel or a even a website. All it takes a few good moving webcams and good internet connectivity.

We know there are dedicated traffic channels for busy cities like New York, NJ. I feel high time some corporate think of starting one.

Just a thought, I have huge hosting space available with me. I was wondering how difficult it would be, if we could hook up cameras from Olympia Tech Park and give a better coverage of traffic in kathipara. Ya its difficult but everything is difficult to start with.

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