Chennai Rains effect. Guess this place ?

I got this picture from TOI but i know this place very well as i had visited this area once for a property nearby . Can you guess this place?


Pic Source: TOI


  1. Kumar

    Ram Nagar, Velacheri?

  2. Sam

    Looks like Velachery…Opp to MRTS velachery.

  3. Vivek

    So – where was this place?

  4. Arun

    What’s the place please? Thanks!

  5. sam

    This is madipakkam. right after velachery mrts ,take left. doshi sympony , cambridge building is visible behind

  6. Jay

    This is Velachery… after the MRTS there on the same side. I believe its Doshi Housing in the distance that you can see..and the Office building by its side …think its Calsoft.

  7. Param

    It should be Velacherry.

  8. Venkat

    It is Madipakkam. Any other street off main road in madipakkam after rain resembles this. My friend has a house on the first floor. During the rain season, she told me that the ground floor of the flat went under water completely and she had many snakes and frogs come into her flat on the first floor. Her car was completely spoilt as it submerged under water.

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