Chennai Power Cuts ,Voip phones, Nuclear deal and Power backed up apartments

Yesterday night i was talking to my parents in chennai through the VOIP phone which i got installed few days back ,when suddenly the line got terminated . I tried calling them again but the call directly went to voice message.

I was wondering what happened and tried calling them thro Reliance India call connection to my landline and my dad informed me that there was a power cut due to which Internet was down. It was frustrating as i wanted to talk long and only reason i installed VOIP phone was to talk unlimited without worrying on Reliance minutes.

I remember reading articles which said Chennai and in general TN is power surplus with more than 5000 mw of power generation.I always wonder, what makes them cut the power even with the slightest of rains. I got reminded of my stay in Sai Sarovar Velachery which had excellent power back in all apartments and common floors and Lifts.

Nuclear deal is all about of making India more energy independent and some times wonder if Left is wrong in opposing the deal. So its a good idea to hunt for apartments which has features like full power back up. I know still many builders dont consider this. Its a very good feature to have and hope this would be offered by default in every new apartment complexes built in future..

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  1. Reddy

    Well, our main problem is in the distribution system. It is very outdated and poorly managed with lots of distribution losses. Also the grid will be sometimes overloaded. But you are correct, according to production of electricity, TN is power surplus.

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