Chennai Metro Rail – Beware of Land Acquisition

You have read the recent news of Chennai metro rail getting some renewed focus from law makers. While it is of strategic importance to chennai people, the fact which is worrying me the land acquisition for the project. You must be aware that there are 2 corridors being planned. What worries me the most is the elevated corridor.

Currently the corridors planned are Washermanpet to Airport and Fort to St.Thomas mount. The fort to St.thomas mount corridor starts at Fort and traverses thro Shenoy Nagar, Anna Nagar, Koyembedu, vadapalani , KK Nagar to reach st thomas mount. The worrying part for me is this stretch is mostly Elevated corridor.



While i have no idea how and where would be the land acquisition for this stretch.As of now, i believe there would be more land acquired for this streatch then the Washermanper -Airport corridor which has a mix of Underground and elevated rail track. So keep you eyes wide open and i would advise caution while investing on any property which might be likely acquired for this project.

I feel property along the main road in arcot road can be affected as i read in this below PDF that the rail tracks travel right on the road median.

Check this pdf

An underground Metro rail station

Any info on this project with its impacts can be discussed here.


  1. C.ramachandran

    Where is the exact location of Ashok nagar metro rail station?

  2. uday

    I guess, it is opposite lakshman shruti or opp appollo clinic thee… there is a govt shopping complex. some auto shops

  3. Chandra

    Hi All …. I think it is a waste of time even writing to know the pro’s and con’s etc…. fellows the only way out would be to send a mailer to the Folowing ids to show your support in having the Chintadripet Station back on… the ids are ; and It will really help as per the Chennai metro rail study news report dated 10th sept 2010 Times of India and the whole of that year …. There was a sudden a change in Plan in the month of end feb to the Govt estate building… which is No More The Legislative Building… Thank God To the new Government. I request you and friends tokindly send one liner to the above ids for their records…. thanks to All…

  4. Chandra

    hi … i just got o know that they are going to acquire PORR & Sons, the Mial, Pioneer Sports ,etc for the use of Metro rail Generator /ac plant which can be easily placed in the Government property… Fail to understand the Reason to do So… The above establishments were started in 1910, 1932 etc… We need your Support to Stop this Bullying from the government whther the state or the centre…Is This all the RIGHT as a Citizen we have…. and protection we get from the Government. Please think about it unless we are not Together like Anna Hazare only way is this…..

  5. john

    The cmrl is cheat at first they said to the affected landlord people that they will give amount above the market value . But in finishing stage they are giving the below the guide line value. If u go to court. Go we will give money to court and land will be grab. It is not our job to argue with you. we do big project Rs 14600 cr. there is no time to speak with u. What the affect land lord do. God must help them. For this fools(cmrl) how to teach them

  6. deeks

    wat is the price ggiven @ anna nagar 2nd avenue becos my land 2 is goin ?opp 2 hi STYLE!

  7. siva

    where is thirumunglam station

  8. uday

    I guess opp GRT Jewelery / Volkswagen car show room

  9. Murugavel

    I am electronics and communication engineer how can get the job in chennai metro?

  10. Gowri Sankar

    Is this a twin track system. What is the overall width of one train . How can it accommodate two trains

  11. n.venkatesh

    detail alandur metro station report please

  12. ramana

    really india is developing ya,but how to change political system in india, they are cheating our people, sucking our blood

  13. SALA

    when this project be completed and where is the station for shenoy nagar

  14. thanislas

    Please let me know , when metro or mono rail project will begin in porur ( chennai ).Will there be land acquisition on guindy to poonamallee state high way, if so how many meters.


    hi am thiyagu from anna nagar i need a exact location from my place please forward to my id were to start and were its ends and witch is my point to travel

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