Checklist Before You Purchase An Apartment

Before you purchase your property, check out few rules below to ensure you are saved of all the trouble later.

Check if the title is with the seller, how the seller acquired the property (Purchased, Settlement,Gifts,Will Exchange etc), Undivided land should be confirmed.

Land Patta is in the name of seller

EC for all the years possible

Check if planning approval is received from competent authorities (CMDA etc)

Make sure the area does not follow under heritage protection land,forest area

Latest Original receipts of EB, Water & Sewage Corporation payments

Ensure the FSI of the total property does not extend the permissible value (1.5 for most cases). Higher floor residential towers get more FSI.

Allotment Letter at the booking.

Agreement of Construction which contains details like land cost(undivided share),stamp duty, registration fee, construction cost, schedule of payment, list of features, time of delivery, post-delivery warranty, etc.

Completion Certificate

Last, always engage a property lawyer to ensure the above is valid and verified.

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