Cheap Call to India at 3.9 cents per min


My previous 2 articles under this category talked about LINQ and RELIABLE INDIA Calls. Both of them offer cheap calling options to India, but I was wondering if there is some other service which is cheaper than 5.9 cents / min offered by LINQ. In my continuing quest to find cheap calls to India, I recent found another service provider UNION TELECOM USA that is offering high quality calls to India for as low as 3.9 cents / min.


Union Telecom USA is US based company, which is offering high quality calls to India for as less as 3.9 cents per min. That’s a huge saving compared to Reliance India call or Linq (5.9 cents / min) or Airtel call India. They claim to route all the calls thro Sprint lines, so voice quality is never compromised.

So what’s the catch?

I checked their website carefully and found that the 3.9 cents / min is only for POST PAID SERVICE. If you go PRE-PAID then you need to pay additional 2 cents per minute. There is a Activation fee of $39.50 (Refundable).Discount of 5% on their monthly invoice for those customers who selects automatic debit . Connection Fee of 0.39 on all calls. Connection fee applies from the second minute.

They give you 1-800 number incase you don’t find a local area number. If you use 1-800 when you have a local area calling number then they charge 2 cents per minute extra. But the available local area numbers are very less and most probably you can get a 1-800 access for NO additional cost.

Only drawback with this provider is the 0.39 cents connect fee, which is applied per call (NOTE NOT PER MINUTE). So if you are person who is calling INDIA often and your talk duration is more than 20 minutes then you start saving on calls to INDIA.

One of my friend is using this service for past 8 months and he did recommend me this service. Bottom line if you are calling India often and your talk duration is more than 20 minutes then its worth going For UNION TELECOM USA rather than Reliance or LINQ.

Check out more about UNION TELCOM USA here

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  1. Maha

    Hi friends,
    I signed up with Union Telecom without actually reviewing about them on the internet. They are not refunding my deposit and they also lie a lot. They tell u something when u sign up for the service and then when the actual bill comes it’s different. I tried telling them in all possible ways to refund, but they don’t seem to care. So I decided to teach them a lesson and sure save other people from signing up with them. That’s the main reason why I am spending time to write this review.

    So people who haven’t signed up, please STAY AWAY FROM UNION TELECOM. For people who have signed up and are struggling to get the deposit back please take time to file an online complaint with the FCC in the below link and I am sure it’ll be worth time spent.
    Link to file complaint :

  2. jaljit

    that is a one fraud company .they never give ur deposit back.i called them so many time,but they dont listen to me.i want to talk to there superior but he is never available,they told me that they gonna change me 39 cents per half an hour but they send me for every call.i paid them 90 dollars as per the deal give me.but they want more i am trying to file a complaint agains them in consumer court.i can surely use some help.pls stay away from this company

  3. KUNAL

    Union Telecom are cheaters. They charge you more than 7 cents per minute. they charge you 35-50% tax on your bill. It seems to be some mexico based company where all his officers have problem is in speaking english. They are very rude and unprofessional. Stay away and terminate service if you have. Send an email to which is Federal Trace commission for consumers in USA and notify them about the case

  4. Jigar

    I sign up with Union Telecom and after 2 month i disconect my services. because the agent tel me he is giving me 100 minutes free but they don’t gave me. I deposite $39 Canadian and the agent told me once i cancelled the services i got my money back with in 2 days. now it’s been 2 months and every time i called they said your money will be in your account with in 24 hours or 48 hours. I am so mad anyone know if we can complaint in police or not?

  5. robin thomas

    Has anybody tried Reliance Global Call? I have friends asking me to go for it since the voice quality is very good and call drops are also very low. They seem to be offering the lowest call rates to India from the U.S at around 3.5 cents/min, with an addon of upto 2300 mins free talktime as part of their Holi and Eid package.i have made up my mind,unless you guys can suggest something better

  6. uniontelecomusa – a cheating company – never trust this company

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