Ceebros Boulevard – 700 sqft -2 Bed Room-Rs 37.5 Lakhs +extra

Some photos of Ceebros Boulevard can be found here

I thought there are no smaller apartments in Ceebros OMR project. But just saw that there are 2 BHK flats in Ceebros Boulevard -next to AKDR golf course for Rs 37.5 lakhs plus other charges.

I hear recent re-sales in this same complex crossing 6250, so i expect the other charges at least to be another 2.5 lakhs.

The flat is supposed to be ready in 30 days.


  1. RGopal

    I personally visited the site. The 700sft flat looks fine. 72 flats in 6 floors. only east and west facing only. open carparking only. All inclusive price for 700sqft comes to 42L. there are few 750 sqft ones. the price comes to 46L. suitable for newly married couple / singles / retirees. The rental value will be between 10-15k per month. The coconut grove and the lands behind are water logged. I felt bit of bad smell when walking down the car park area. Overall , the quality and location are great, but still I feel it is over proced by 5-6 lacks. cheerss….. But ceebros fan may like to disagree on my statement…..

  2. ramesh

    rooms are very small , but ceebros quality of construciton giving an edge .
    I am not sure whether resale options will be good for this since it is too small . corporate can take it for their guests. and newly married or single child family can use this well. retired coouple also can . I agree it should be around 35 laks , but incidental charges, other charges etc.. is over 2 laks .. will they reconsider the pricing

  3. nasreen

    i am intereseted to buy these aptments.. how do i get in touch with the required ppl.. lzz let me knw

  4. Manav

    looking to get hold of this property @ reasonable rates – pls mail me @ mana@operamailcom

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  6. Ruhina

    i am interested to bt a property in bolevard… plzz sggest me options to buy one..

  7. G.Menon

    I am interested to buy a ready-to-occupy 2 bedroom apartment in ceebros boulevard, even as second sales. Please contact me.

  8. Loganathan

    Interested in looking for the best options in this project

  9. Punitharaj moses

    I am interested in this cerebros properties. Even bigger in size is fine with me 

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