Call India for 1.5c/m. $14.99 for 6 months-

I just came across this voip service provider who i feel is the cheapest of phone providers to India. You need to buy international plan for $14.99 + tax (charge for 6 months) and talk to India for 1.5 c/m. Charge after 6 months is $24.99 and calls to India is charged at 2.5 C /M.

Its is good deal incase you use vonage, lingo or other cable phone, you can transfer your existing phone and number to Checkout their website. I haven’t tried them but i feel WDT can be reliable.

Alternative 1:

I have being using for 2 months now and i find this service good. Its a european based VOIP provider and currently the rates are 1.5 Euro cents per min for landline and 2 euro cents per min for mobile to India.

Also you get free calls to more than 30 countries. You have register and pay in euros and approximatly 10 Euros i.e 15 USD can get you 650 minutes of talk time. They have a access number in US 6466520455 and you can call that number to make calls to India or make free calls to UK,France etc etc.

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  1. anjali

    Vyke is still best.Check it out..

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