Back after one of the worst journeys in my life

Just got time to check my blogs. Back here after experiencing one of my worst journeys in my life. Will update in detail about my 60 hours ordeal with screwed up Air India on my return trip to US. My only advice to you is PLEASE DONT TRAVEL AIR INDIA. Its more PAINS THEN GAINS.

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  1. Srini

    Agree. 2 years back when I travelled to Chennai (got sucked by the price of the tickets offered by the travel agent) we had the return flights cancelled at Chennai after waiting the whole night in the departure lounge. AI did not even announce the reason for delay and only when people started complaining and kids started crying… did they wake up and offer some tea/biscuits and even then washed their hands off. So the next day had to run around their office near Egmore to get tickets re-issued for the next days flight. After much running around finally got those tickets, but as luck would have it, our flight again got delayed at Mumbai as AI was again the culprit. Technical problem was the cause as can one expect from Air India as you hear their flights are routinely disrupted due to delays or Technical Problems.. engine failing )-: wheels getting blow out….last month one AI flight had its nose wheel crash… and hearing on Indian TV channels, AI made it out as if they were not to blame and that it was a leased aircraft. Why do we not hear these same stories from other airlines? May be if you were to go to some african country …. you might. Since then even if I am offered $500 less in cost for tickets, I will never travel by AI. I have come to expect poor service from anything that is Govt controlled. Very few exceptions till now. Also the air hostess staff were totally non interested in serving the passengers and were instead more interested in gossip near their catering zone where I happened to have my seats.

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