Apartments in Tambaram

Tambaram is strategically located just 10 km from IT Corridor and is very near airport and convenient for folks working at Mahindra city and near by companies. It is also easily accessible from Velachery and recent times it has being a center of focus for real estate investors. Well I would recommend investing here if you don’t have the budget to go for apartments in Velachery or OMR.

The rates where around Rs.1700 when I first looked for apartments in the Selaiyur road. I was then considering Jains Abhisek, which worked out around Rs 18 Lakhs including registration at 2005. Well now it’s a different story. I came across 2 projects in this area that kicked off recently, one being Pace Adarsa and other is LandMarvel Modichur Road Project.

Pace Adarsa

I know Pace builders for quite some time and they were very active in Anna Nagar and now they have spread their wings across Chennai. Adarsa is right on the Velachery Main Road in between Selaiyur police station and Pace centre (Another pace project). I am yet to get the current price of the project but their website says Rs.2695 / sq ft. Not sure if they had increased the prices now.

Comes with good features including Gym, Pool, Conference Hall, Joggers Track, Children Play Area, Garden, and Power Back etc. Pace is a dependable builder with reputation of project completion on time. Check this out, if you find the budget right then its worth the money.

Click here to visit Pace Builders.


LandMarvel Modichur Road Project

The name LandMarvel is enough. I need not tell more about this builder who is well know for their projects. The only hitch with their Tambaram project is the price. They are quoting a price of Rs 3175 but they say its negotiable. Negotiable to what extent depends on how far you are able to negotiate. I don’t think they would come down below Rs 3000 even though quite a few flats are yet to be sold.

Surprisingly one could not find out the name of each of their projects but they tend to address each project by site address rather than name.

Click here to visit LAND MARVEL

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  1. Mahesh

    I liked your article and agree with your views. I am looking for investment purpose and from your experience do you prefer to buy lands and wait for appreication or go for flats and get rents?

  2. Prabhu

    Hi –
    I just got your blog address when I was searching Google. Your analysis is different & refreshing.


  3. Thanks Prabhu and Mahesh,

    Mahesh, Never time the market. I would say go for flats which is safe investment compared to land. But flat cannot be kept for long,you need to resell after 7-10 years to get optimum value. Land is evergreen but you need to be careful while buying and
    safe guard your land from encumberance. I am optimistic of sqft rates increasing further, so go for flats. Hope you know property
    guideline values have increased in almost all area in chennai.

  4. Satheesh

    Uday, wonder where did you get the price of Rs.3175/- per sqft in Tambaram project of Land Marvel. I couldnt find any in their website. Did you happen to contact them and got a reply? Thanks for sharing if you dont mind.


  5. uday

    Yes Satheesh,

    I got the price from builder itself. They dont update their price in website. Its 3175 but negotiable. Thats what Land Marvel said..

  6. priya

    Thanks a lot for the info u provided. It helps us a lot

  7. Prasanna

    Land Marvel. I didnt have good experience with them. I cancelled my ashok nagar as they didnt complete as of now.

  8. Raman

    Don’t go for Pace Builders. It is a very bad builder. They are still not handing over the flats to the owners for their Pace Adarsa I Phase (Selaiyur Project). They are still fighting for 6 floors with CMDA. Since Selaiyur is a Air Force Training Area, they won’t get approval for sure. So, don’t book flats at 5th and 6th Floor even if they tell that they got approval. One of my friend is really suffering a lot from that Builder.

  9. Leo


    Please join this group if you have booked a flat in Pace Adarsa.
    We can share our experience and news. May be we drive together the builders to complete the project and get our home.


  10. jacob

    Dear mahesh! my suggestion is better go for plot that is gud, flat is always problem, also it is depreciation, if you go for plot that gud for all. own ur house.

  11. Mohan

    Amyone booked in Mahindra City Aqualily project can join th yahoo group

  12. Parthiban

    Am planning to buy flat in Pace-Adarsa phaseII in selaiyur. Anybody came across this project? is it good to buy?

  13. Kumar

    Hi Parthiban,

    Did you buy flat in Pace-Adarsa phaseII in selaiyur. I am planning to book one. Let me know the details.


  14. Sivagurunathan

    Hi everybody , I am planning to book a a flat in PACE Anusya ( Tam bye bass road ) . Please request anybody to give a feedback on this.


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