Another soft Launch – Akshaya Belvedere – Urapakkam -Starting 35 Lakhs

Another Soft launch and this time it is from Akshaya Homes. The new project named Belvedere is in Urapakkam. GST is witnessing a lot of action in the recent times with big launches and SEZ announcements.

Akshaya Belvedere is on a 5.42 acres plot with 2 BHK sq ft starting 1100 -1230 sq ft and 3 BHK starting 1430 -1585 sq ft. The entire project is g+13 floors. I think this is the first time i am seeing 13 floors apartment project, usually it is 11 or 17,19 floors that i have seen. Delivery is expected by Mid 2010.

Akshaya has been a reliable name in TN housing market and they have another project Metropolis in the GST-Maraimalai nagar area. Usual precaution to be followed for soft launches project.

Check for Project approval status, time of starting, Delay clause, Pre-EMI offers, Whether common area would be increased and added to carpet area after approval (DLF did this),location of the project, amenities, compare with Arun Excello Desh, same area already finished apartments.


I dont know much about GRN INDIA Builders or Projects but Please do check this website for another project in Urappakkam which starts at 18+ Lakhs. I remember seeing few of their apartments in Chennai.
One thing i liked about GRN is their website which i felt was transparent.



  1. Karthik

    GRN has lots of flats in Nanganallur area. Very good builders IMO.

  2. Prem Kumar

    Like the fact with GRN that they have listed out till the last rupee. Completion date is missing though.

  3. Viji

    I just browsed thru’ GRN’s website. I can’t agree more with Uday. Impressive details.

  4. mahesh

    GRN is known for their strict adherence to planning regulations. There wont be any deviations in their project. But the style of their building will not be so modern and it varies from project to project.The bazullah road project looks too good whereas the nanganallur looks average. It also depends on location.

  5. John

    Any idea what price per sq ft they are selling?

  6. Vijay

    Just noticed in Wikimapia that Akshaya’s Today project is right next to a GraveYard. The Akshaya folks have hidden this fact while selling the apartments. Please be careful…

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