November, 2007

Apartments at Urapakkam 593 sq ft @ 12 Lakhs

Apartments at Urapakkam 593 sq ft @ 12 Lakhs

I just had some time to visit Sterling’s office at 124 GN Chetty road. They had a big advertisement in hindu last week which attracted my attention.GST road in recent times witnessed a lot of action with ESTANCIA and other builders starting big projects. But the sad part was it was not accessible to common

Completed one crazy week in chennai.Traffic Nightmare

A week after coming here, i just felt Chennai would soon become another bangalore in traffic. Traffic has almost doubled since last year and drving has become a nightmare. Car traffic has increased tremendously and i had a tough time driving in peak time.   I was very comfortable driving my OMNI here in chennai

Screwed up Air India

I had heard a lot of complaints on Air India but never faced it personally unless this trip. I choose Air India because of some what lower fares compared to other airlines but only repented my decision this time. For start it was 5 hours flight delay at mumbai. My flight land mumbai by 12.30

On a trip to India

Going to India becauseĀ of a family emergency. But i think i would find time for posts when i am there. Keep coming :))

Apartment for Sale at Parsn Medavakkam

Apartment for Sale at Parsn Medavakkam

Not sure how many of you read the comments posted on this blog. A lot of times, vital information comes out through comments. Just thought of updating our users on apartment for sale at Parsn medavakkam which was posted by one of our readers Rajesh. Please be aware that i am no where related or

Hirco’s Palace Garden’s new website

Did you take a look at the new website of Hirco Palace gardens . The site has being well updated with images of what is in store for us down the line. I am still not sure what is the current out come of the legal hinderance it faced with respect to the land problems.

DLF Update

Recent times we have being hearing rumours on DLF’s project on OMR. While the price is rumoured to be less than 3000, i got to know from a well known confirmed source that DLF had being wrongly quoted in the newspaper. The price is not going to be less than Rs 3500. My source is

Is Velachery Costlier than Thiruvamiyur, Adyar

Yesterday i was checking out the second hand prices for flats at Velachery. I was attracted to a 3 bed room flat at Sai Sarovar. I always wanted to buy a flat in Sai Sarovar after my pleasant experience staying there. But the rates mentioned by flat owners who like the cash in on the



Diwali gives us an opportunity to take stock of the good and evil within us and around us – thus gives an opportunity for meaningful and sustaining decision making for progress. Let us continue our struggle to better ourselves as well as those around us, with more vigor.

Satyam calling freshers 2007 passout

OffTopic but thought it would be useful for your near and dear ones. Satyam is currently recruiting freshers who are 2007 pass out. They must have specialised only in any one of the following. a) Aerospace b) Automotive c) Mechanical d) Electronics / Semiconductor e) Civil f) Electrical This is off campus process held at