September, 2007

Unlimited calls to any where in India(World) FOR FREE

Unlimited calls to any where in India(World) FOR FREE

As i said in my previous article, I just successfully configured an ATA device which helps us to call anyone across the world including India for free. Even though i had said its free its not absolutly free but requires an one time investment for ATA which can be bought for as low as $40.

Working on a unlimited voip calls to India solution

strong>I was busy the whole of yesterday setting up an ATA which enables us to make unlimited calls to any where in the world for free. This solution should work any where in the world where VOIP is allowed. I know there are some gulf countires where VOIP is banned. I tried this sucessfully here

Popular Realty Brokers in Chennai

Apart from realty classified sites like IndiaProperty or MagicBricks, the next popular place where one can look for realty related services is Real estate brokers. While there are many agents in Chennai who do real estate services, i like to mention Hanu Reddy realty in particular. Hanu Reddy Realty has been in this field for

HDFC cuts home loan rates

HDFC, the country’s largest home loan lender cut its floating rate home loans by 0.50% effective this Monday. We anticipated a rate cut in home loans but not this quick. This is really good news for home loan seekers whose cost of ownership is likely to get reduced with builders likely to add some more

REMFs in India to be Launched Soon

If you would have invested Rs 40000 in 2004 in UNITECH STOCK, you would have earned by now Rs 2 crore . Well i did not make this analysys but a popular news website did this. I did some historical price check and found that Unitech has touched 10000 in 2006 only to split and

Fed Rate Cuts and its effect on India’s Interest rates

The US Federal Reserve cut a key interest rate for the first time in four years, seeking with an aggressive half-point move to prevent a steep housing slump and turbulent financial markets from triggering a recession in US. Its a known fact that any change in Fed rate has lot of implications on G-7 Markets

Best Sea View apartments in chennai

Best Sea View apartments in chennai

One of our readers was asking which is the best Sea View apartments in Chennai. I could currently think of atleast 4 projects which to me has a good sea view apartments. Needless to say Chennai has one of longest sea shore in the world but poor planning and rapid city development prevented it from

Downtown OMR – Next Noida ?

Downtown OMR – Next Noida ?

I was amazed when i found the number of developments happening in this one area in chennai. Ofcourse most of the developments are in the form of IT parks, SEZ,Malls, Housing Projects and not much of industries. But its really nice to note that chennai is really widening instead of city getting bursted. OMR would

Dealing with HSBC

I have heard a lot in the past about HSBC bank being the worst in customer service. Just saw this message about how International banks like HSBC, Stan Chart are looting people. I had a decent experience with ICICI even though i would say they are not always fair enough. Just check this comment and

Home Loans to come down soon

Finally there is some relief for people who have taken floating rate home loans and its almost the time for new home seekers. Majority of HFC’s are seeing large investments, the rates are finally falling after nearly three years. One might be aware that the home loans market had being slump for more than a