August, 2007

Home Interiors and some tips to save money

Home Interiors and some tips to save money

Home interiors is one of my hobby and i am always fascinated about it. I am regular reader of at least 2 most popular interior magazines in India. But one thing that really worries me is the high cost associated with interiors now days. People have started giving a lot of importance to home interior

How to start your own Vonage

I am calling India daily and my telephone expenses are high since I call at least 2 locations in India daily. This made me look for cheaper calling options and I came across LINQ , Reliable IP Phone and Union Telecom USA . Even though each of them offered cheap calling option than Reliance and

What do you think, which will be the next Adyar?

I think every madrasi loves Adyar, Besant Nagar. It is one of the best residential places to live in Chennai and access to beach and all those posh bungalow’s make it one of the most sought after place in Chennai. Average property rates here goes in crores and per square feet area is around 7000

Builders I like in Chennai

Builders I like in Chennai

There are countless builders in Chennai alone and every builder has its own pros and cons. But there are few builders who are dependable to a great extent and for whom customer satisfaction comes first. It was tough to ignore some in my list below but I had my own reasons for ignoring the other

Ever thought of buying a commercial property?

Commercial property and high investments are always directly proportional to each other. Well its no scientific law but pure common sense. But my question to you. How many people dream of owning a commercial property? Not many, because an Indian middle class mentality is always on owning a house and one more house and more

How to earn Rs 50000 rent for your 2 bed apartment in Chennai

I was wondering if this could be possible. Rs 50000 as rent per month was definately attractive but too good to believe. I happened to come across a website which was talking about Serviced apartments in Delhi. I was really surprised after seeing the Peacock Suites website, who is renting out their fully Serviced apartments

Blessed with a Baby Girl

Well, i was too busy the whole week with my baby arrival preparation. Finally it happened this saturday morning.We are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. It was C-Section and both mom and baby are doing fine. We have named her SWATHANDRA.

Reverse Mortgages. What is it. Is it worth?

Recently there has been a lot of Buzz on Reverse Mortgage. Several financial institutions in India are serious about reverse mortgage market. So what is Reverse Mortgage? Well its basically a loan targeting Senior Citizens. A fairly new concept in India, the reverse mortgage product is a loan provided to senior citizens by mortgaging their

Saluting our National Heroes – Jai Hind

Saluting our National Heroes – Jai Hind

India @ 60. Let us take some time to Salute all those who lost their lives during war. SALUTE THEM FOR ALL THEIR SACRIFICE…. Happy Independence day. 1) KARGIL’S FIRST HERO Lt. Saurabh Kalia 2) Capt.Vikram Batra Param Vir Chakra(Posthumous) 3)Grenedier. Yogendra Singh Param Vir Chakra 4) RFN .Sanjay Kumar (Param Vir Chakra) 5)Major Padmapani

Investing in Tirchy – KK Estates

I was quite attracted by this article in hindu. Not sure what the national paper gains by posting an article about a local project in Tirchy. Did not look like an advestisement. It talks about residential land for sale in Tirchy’s Veerappa Nagar. I checked with KK Estates and they are qouting a price of