June, 2007


We got the passports

If one really thought my letter to the RPO would have no effect on government departments. Then we are wrong. I went with a “TRIAL COST NOTHING “ attitude and it did work for me. Yesterday my in-laws received their passport. Meaning it should have been posted 2-3 days back. So i guess my letter

My letters to RPO

In my previous post I did talk about how my father got his passport bit quicker, well this time its my in-laws. While we tried to take the same route as it was for my father but when we enquired at passport office I was told that they haven’t received the passport application from district

My Passport Perils.Tips to get passport faster

Well i am no social reformer, But just thought how good it would be if common citizens like us take up social cause and spread some awareness.Coming to point, this happened to me when i was trying to get passports for my parents and for my in-laws.Well for folks who are not aware of,we are

Vote for Taj Mahal

Vote for Taj Mahal

This is our last chance to vote for Taj Mahal. The election of the New 7 Wonders of the World is ending soon. Your vote counts! Help make history Taj Mahal has been the 7 wonders of the world all this while but soon a new set of 7 world wonders are to be decided

Welcome to chennaimetroblogs.com

Well, for past 7 years since going full time IT, I was thinking about doing something on my own in the internet field but never got a chance to kick start it. Few days’ back I realized it’s high time, I need to have my presence in the Internet and felt blogging was way to